Our Product

Trading Volume :
>100 to 10000

Auto Trading Service Yearly Fee :


The fee is charged annually and depends on your equity size with the broker. The Fee consists of Auto Trading and manual monitoring by AIPRO for your trading account with your broker. Upon expiry of 365 days, you will be required to renew if you want based on the table below:

  • 2nd year discount - 20% of the price upon renewal
  • 3rd year discount - 30% of the price upon renewal
  • 4th year onwards - 50% of the price upon renewal

This service fee is subject to increase from time to time based on the future market supply and demand and AIPRO charges you nothing on the profits gained in your trading. Your yearly fee is only as stated in the above table and is paid in advance.

Our service provides both auto and manual trading with a profit range between 8% to 15% or more in a month. Kindly also read the risk disclosure on the Aiprofx website and also on your broker website.

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