Get funded by Trader (Aiprofx) at Yunikonfx when you deposit into your auto trade trading account (limited volume).

Now it’s time for you to get real additional funds in your auto trade trading. With a two year proven track record and having shared our trading id and password consistently to the public that none of the other traders are willing to do. We are now able to convince our business partners including financial institutions to provide advance funds to all our auto trade clients.

How does it work?

Anyone who deposits any amount into Yunikonfx's autotrade account will be given an additional fund of the same value to be deposited into another mt4 account.

What do you need to do?

1. Open a new autotrade acct at Yunikonfx.
2. Once the new autotrade account is created, the client will be given another mt4 account that will be opened simultaneously. We call this the “Auto trade Advanced Funding Account" (AAFA).
3. The Client needs to purchase the Aiprofx's service package or to use the purchased package as usual.
4. Activate your new autotrade mt4 account as usual and make your deposit into the new autotrade mt4 account at Yunikonfx.
5. Your AAFA MT4 account will be automatically funded with the same amount that you deposited into your newly opened autotrade account. Eg you deposited $1,000 into your new autotrade account, you will also be funded $1,000 into your AAFA absolutely free. Please take note that the 100% welcome bonus will also be given for both autotrade and AAFA accounts.
6. Please remember that only your first time deposit amount into your new MT4 autotrade account is copied into AAFA MT4 account. Any additional top up amount into the same MT4 autotrade account will NOT be funded into AAFA. You will need to deposit into another MT4 autotrade account in order to to be funded into AAFA. 7. Both accounts will be traded and earn profits as usual.
8. AAFA trading capital is locked for 18 months, and the profits are non-withdrawable until the accumulated profits reaches 100%.
9. All the profits will be taken by the company at every month end for us to pay back to the funders.
10. Once AAFA account touched 100% profit, the rest of the profit will be split between the client and Aiprofx to an aggregate of 40/60. The client takes 40% and Aiprofx take 60%.
11. After 18 months, AAFA account status will be automatically converted to a standard autotrade account. Once converted, this account will absolutely belong to the client 100%. Client may choose to continue with the trading or to take out the capital.
12. Client may have as many AAFA account as they wish with no limit. You just need to repeat the same process shown above.
13. Please be reminded that the funds allocated by our business partners are only up to $200,000,000.
14. AAFA is considered void immediately when the client withdraws the trading capital before the expiry date (18 months).
15. Please be reminded that AAFA accounts are not associated with any affiliates or GSI bonus nor counted for any company contest or sales volumes.
16. This offer is open to all Aiprofx and Yunikonfx clients while the funds last.

Talk to us if you have any query about AAFA.

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