Things To Be Aware During Market Disruption!

As you know, Aiprofx is using an intelligent expert advisor with a very low risk setting. All trading is genuine and we never hide any entries from the public since we began operations. This has never happened in the trading industry especially when dealing with a very volatile Gold trading market. Nobody, experts included can ever conduct a 100% fool proof forecast as to where exactly the market goes. It can be influenced by traders with technical movement knowledge or by fundamental factors. As usual the best is to take care of money management and the margin. As all traders know, at certain areas, margin call may occur and this is a normal situation when traders need to top up the margin for sustaining purposes. We want to teach all traders how important it is to always be prepared with top up margin. That's the reason why we do have a big number of partners and experts who have tied up with us to provide assistance (top up) in this area as we know all that goes up must come down and but it is just a matter of time.

In the autotrade with Yunikonfx we have a mutual understanding and we need to develop a system to match with our strategy needs. During market emergency, Aiprofx in collaboration with our partners, we have been topped up your account since the past 2 years we have been making a profit of at least 10% a month. But during this situation we do have important SOP to adhere to as below:

1. All transfers in and out from the Autotrade MT4 is freezed. This is to avoid an unbalanced amount or disruption of the figures during the top up exercise that may result in an unbalanced profit result.
2. All newly registered clients who have activated their EA need to be put on hold until all positions are closed.
3. All autotrade traders that involve in the trading will need to wait until we close all positions.

Important note:

Market movements are always influenced by the supply & demand and also the fundamental factors (NEWS). When the market is bullish, nobody can force it to be bearish and vice versa. Our trading is absolutely 100% genuine as everyone can watch it in realtime. In certain situations we require that all traders be patient. We always do our very best. Most importantly, we have promised at least 8% pro rate at the end of the month.

In the event that we fail, Aiprofx is willing to top up to 8%. You might be wondering where do we get the funds from? All this while, we have been having entries with the Liquidity Provider with bigger lot sizes which results in bigger profits compared to what we pay the traders. For business and marketing purposes, Aiprofx sometimes needs to bite the bullet if we need to top up to at least 8% but in reality this hardly happens. This is a very logical and simple calculation that we think everyone could accept and understand why we are able to do it.

Last but not least please do not panic when facing some extreme situations. We have been facing instances that are worse than this since many years. If you are the expert probably its easy for you to absorb this knowledge but for new comers please contact us via chat or email if you have any queries.

Best Regards The Management


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