Auto profits For Autotrade New Comers

There are new comers that have not been included in the trading when we have to keep the positions on hold even you have activated our service and made a deposit into Yunikonfx Autotrade MT4 accts.

Those accounts that have been effected need not to worry even if you have to wait without any tradings. The management has decided that all effected accounts will be given the same Profit & Loss right after we close all the positions. For example If the profits for the affected days are 2%, we will pay you 2% too and the profits will be credited into your MT4. You may withdraw it to your bank or keep it for compounding purposes. However your trading day (effected accounts) is counted from the next day of your activation.

We hope this will help all new comers understand and prevent any frustrations during this waiting period.

Best of Luck
The Management


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