How It Works

How Does It Work?

Its very easy and simple. EA is an expert advisor that has been programmed to provide an ultimate automatic trading without you having to do anything but reaping the profits from trading. Our experts diligently took years to design this powerful software called the Trading Robot that will replace the human power in trading. This software is built to read any market situation and will execute the position in the trading and also close the position automatically. You don’t have to do anything but instead be gaining profits even while you are sleeping. The EA will be working non stop during trading hours.

In the future AIPROFX will be opened to everyone to trade at your chosen brokers. For the time being we have just started a pilot project joint venture only with certain brokers with a special arrangement. From our experience not all EA’s work well with brokers due to the broker’s characteristics such as the price, slippage etc. Just like investors, they are not sure if their EA will work well with their brokers. At AIPROFX selected Brokers have an agreement with us to ensure its trading platform matches with our strategy and also to ensure our test platform is totally similar to the broker’s setting. Therefore collaboration between the broker and us is put into perfect harmony to ensure a symphony of earnings for our clients. Besides that, AIPROFX will also do close manual monitoring to your trading to ensure everything works well and benefiting our clients.

You may need to have a simple FREE registration with us, select your desired package that suits your trading equity and activate it. That’s it, and you are ready to go. Once everything is set, you just need to sit back and carry on with your daily routine. You will be able to check your trading results anytime you want from your smart phone or on your PC. How much profit can I make?

Our Intelligent Expert Advisor is designed to ensure you will be profiting all the way. The profit is not that extreme but it may provide you with a stable income in the range of between 8% to 15% a month. This is more than 100% per year approximately. The best part is you don’t have to do anything. Let us work for you. The method has been tested for the past 5 years in so many market situations and so far it is very safe.


How Our Step Proses

Step 1:

Easy and FREE registration at website.

Step 2:

Purchase desired package with as low as USD100.00.

Step 3:

Activate the services by entering your membership id (with the broker), metatrader4 login id and the activation code. Then you are ready to earn passive income with your broker

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