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1. How to register with AiProFx

You may begin by clicking on the register button on the top right hand corner of our main page or you may start by clicking on the tool bar below :

Register Here
2. Do I need a referral to register with Aipro ?

Yes. Please refer to your representative or contact our Customer Service

2A. Upon registration do I need to submit any documents for verifications?

No, you will only need an email verification to activate your account.

3. How does the AiProFx Trading Service Package work and what are the benefits?

At AiProFx we provide an Auto Trade service to our users with returns between 8% to 15% a month.

4. May I use AiProFx Trading Service Package at any other broker ?

No. For now, you are only able to use our Trading Service Package at as they are our sole distributor for our services.

5. Does AiProFx collaborate with any other companies/brokers other than YunikonFx?

Yes we did have earlier collaborations with other companies/brokers before establishing a MOU with YunikonFx.

6. How do I activate the services offered after subscribing any of the packages?

Once you purchase a service package, you will be required to fill up a form on the activation page which will include an Activation Code that you will receive from

10. Is there a lifespan for the AiProFx service package?

AiProFx Trading Service Package is valid for a period of 365 days from date of activation.

11. Can I renew my subscriptions?

Yes, you may renew your subscriptions with a discounted price. 20% discount for the second year, 30% discount for the third year and 50% discount for the fourth year onwards.

12. What is the nature of business of AiProFX and when was it established?

AiProFX is a software developer in various sectors and it was incorporated in Feb 2020.

13. How reliable is the AiProFx Service Trading Package?

We are a relatively new player but our system experts have more than 10 years of experience in developing the Metatrader system, indicators and have also developed the Expert Advisor for the financial market.

14. What other benefits can I get from purchasing the AiProFx Trading Service Packages?

AiProFx offers various member get member commissions. Please refer to our marketing plan page on the Aiprofx website

15. Can I earn any commissions from AiProFx?

To be able to earn any commissions from AiProFx, you must subscribe to at least the SONIC BASIC package which is priced at USD20 only.

16. Can I increase my trading capital limit?

You may purchase a higher package if you wish to increase your trading capital limit.

17. Why does AiProFx offer a Marketing Plan?

The Marketing Plan is designed as an appreciation to members who introduce our services to others and to make sales a fun and challenged filled activity for members.

18. What is the accepted payment method at AiProFx?

We accept Bitcoins, USDT Bep20 and Litecoin

19. How does AiProFx payout the commissions?

All payouts are done with Bitcoins, USDT Bep20 and Litecoin.

20. Why does AiProFx use Cryptocurrencies as its payment method?

This is in line with the growing use of cryptocurrency in order to achieve a no cash society and keeping abreast with the go digital era. It is also convenient to everyone with no boundaries and high bank charges.

21. How long is the withdrawal process?

Commission withdrawals are paid within 72 hours.

22. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is USD20.00 and there is no maximum amount.

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