Affiliate Program

We offer a ‘member get member’ affiliate bonus when you introduce other traders to subscribe our services.

1. Personal Sales Commission

You are paid 20% of the package price when your client makes a purchase. The commission will be paid immediately into your wallet.

2. Daily Affiliate Sales Commission (Binary)

This Commission is paid from your team (group) sales. You and your affiliates can make as many personal sales you want and place them anywhere under your network tree. In the system you have only 2 legs (team) placement and the affiliate commission is paid based on your left and right team sales. The Team sales are calculated at every day closings at 12 midnight UK Time and you are paid a percentage (10%) of your weaker leg total sales.

Daily Affiliates Commission Limit:
Affiliate Sales Commission daily limit increases based on your own package purchased. Your daily limit will be 150% of your total own package purchased. The more service package you purchase, the more income you will get.

Example 1:
You make a personal purchase of 1 unit of AIPSONIC EMERALD Package (USD100) Your Qualifying Daily Limit is USD100 x 150% = USD150/Day

Example 2:
You have already purchased 2 units of AIPSONIC EMERALD earlier and now you make another purchase of a 1 unit AIPSONIC EMERALD at USD100 value, this means your total purchases now is USD200 + USD100 = USD300. The calculation will be USD300 x 150% = USD450.00/Day.

Overall Daily Affiliate Sales Commission is unlimited.
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